And...Breathe!- World Rainforest Day

Today, 22nd June, is World Rainforest Day. Lets take a minute to think about how we can raise awareness and encourage positive action to save this precious and much needed resource.

We think this awareness should be everyday. At Tiffin Time we are conscious of our environmental impact and how we can help encourage better habits. We took at look at the ways that you can help rainforests by choosing to eat with us.


1. Reduce Your Meat Consumption

Beef production is one of the biggest causes of deforestation. No only that but the carbon dioxide emitted from cutting down rainforest trees and the greenhouse gases produced from the cattle themselves during digestion has had enormous effects on the health and temperature of our planet.  

At Tiffin Time we support local butchers Bakers of Nailsea who promote traceability and the ‘farm to fork’ ethos with their network of local farmers.

However, we always make a delicious Veggie option, which is also a £1 cheaper, so why not choose to skip the Meaty option today and go for a Veggie instead?

2. Pass on Unsustainable Palm Oil

Palm oil is a sneaky one. It is in so much stuff. Next time you go to the supermarket and buy your household ingredients have a look at what it is in. So much! Rainforests are cut down to make way for Palm oil plantations- destroying habitats of thousands of species.  It is the second contributor to global carbon dioxide levels after beef production.

At Tiffin Time we support Palm Oil free products. 

3. Source  Rainforest-friendly certified Products

The Rainforest Alliance seal is found on the products of companies audited to meet strict environmental, economic, and social standards.

  • protect endangered species and forest areas of high conservation value  
  • set aside a portion of land for forest reserves
  • provide workers with decent wages and protect their ability to organize
  • follow strict guidelines that determine how, when, and where timber and non-timber forest products are harvested
  • respect the rights of local and indigenous communities

Tiffin Time supports the Rainforest Alliance seal.

4. Walk, Bike and Bus- Reduce Carbon Footprint

Did you know that global CO2 levels a day amounts to 112 million metric tons. We need to cut these down.

We are so conscious of the impact we all have on producing CO2 emissions so we try and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. This means scheduling and reducing our food deliveries to twice a week. Oh, and, in case you didn't know our in-house cyclist delivers your lunch by lean green pedal power.  

Today, lets all take a minute to take a breath and thank a rainforest. Learn how you can show your support, donate and spread awareness by taking a look at the World Rainforest Day website. Lets make improvements and change our habits everyday to protect these wonderful and much needed resources.