About Us

So what's it all about then?

Tiffin time is brought to you from my kitchen, where every day the food is freshly prepared and bicycled straight to your workplace.


For many years of my office based life, I endured those mid afternoon battles against ‘The Carb Slump’ that Mr Sandwich or Mrs Jacket Potato bought me, and so, I became inspired to make office lunchtimes healthier and less slumpy! Whilst not solely cooking with food intolerances in mind, my menu aims to fill you and fuel you for the afternoon ahead. Pulses, lentils, wholegrains and old grains are integral to my mission, as are a good dose of fresh vegetables, herbs and salad.

Reflective of the weather outside, the weekly menus will cook up flavours from all over the world, such as Spanish-style tapas, Mexican, Thai, Malaysian, and of course, the best of British! Whatever the menu, the produce will be locally sourced, seasonal and organic wherever possible. Suppliers such as The Community Farm, The Story, Bakers of Nailsea butchers, and Herberts Bakery will all help with this.

The ingenious Tiffin tin, straight off the Indian shores, will ensure that your food arrives to your office at the right temperature, whilst avoiding all that wasteful packaging that fills up your bin...all you then have to do is rinse it out and pop it back in the box for collection. We will wash it up properly, and out it goes again! And finally; they may not be the infamous ‘dabbawallas’ of Mumbai, but the fantastic chaps at Pedal Power Transport will be pedalling on the double to bring you your tins of lunchtime joy...meaning Tiffin time’s carbon skid mark can wheelie right off!!!

So don’t hang about, get your order in quick – I can’t wait to cook for you!

Katie xxx